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Hamad Y. Issa

Ethiopia's forgotten crisis


(by Aden Bodaya, Al Hayat)

Ethiopian Police overturn the security to war in the Afar Region in Ethiopia.

One million Somalis and Afars are threatened by Starvation and War.


Nombreux articles d'IRINnews sur la famine et la guerre dans les régions Afar d'Ethiopie (Cliquez sur la photo)



Hungry Ethiopians to get aid

Conflict worsens Ethiopia's food crisis

Eritrea issues drought warning

3,7 millions d'Éthiopiens font face à un manque de nourriture


The Afars and Issa conflict:

Open Letter to His Excellency, Mr Meles Zenawi  by Adan Bodaya


Press release (by Adan Bodaya, arabic):

War neither serves Afar nor Issa Asharq Al-Awsat, 02-06-2002.

Najlu Sultan al Afar Asharq Al-Awsat, 07-05-2002

jamaa Afariyya Al Hayat, 12-05-2002


ETHIOPIA: WFP warns food rations may be slashed, 29/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 29 July (IRIN) - The UN's World Food Programme (WFP) has warned that food rations will have to be cut to meet the needs of families hit by drought in Ethiopia. In a... 

ETHIOPIA: Ethnic clashes worsening effects of drought, 29/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 29 July (IRIN) - Ethnic clashes have erupted between rival groups fighting over scarce water sources in Ethiopia's Afar Region and surrounding areas, the UN... 

ETHIOPIA: Over 8 million in need of food aid, 26/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 26 July (IRIN) - The Ethiopian government has warned that over eight million people are in need of food aid after failed rains in the country. According to the... 

ETHIOPIA: First signs of malnutrition in Afar region, 25/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 25 July (IRIN) - The United Nations in Ethiopia has stepped up warnings over the drought in Afar region, saying a "major emergency" could be just weeks away. The... 

ETHIOPIA: WFP warns of food shortages, 16/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 16 July (IRIN) - Ethiopia is facing a food shortfall of almost 200,000 tons until the end of the year, the UN's World Food Programme (WFP) has warned. It said...

ETHIOPIA: Plea for more food aid, 15/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 15 July (IRIN) - Ethiopia has called for a huge increase in food aid from the international community, warning that lives are at risk from serious shortages. The... 

ETHIOPIA: UN warns of "serious problems" in Afar, Oromiya, 9/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 9 July (IRIN) - The UN in Ethiopia has issued a “special alert” over the looming food crisis in parts of the Afar and Oromiya regions, warning of "serious problems"... 

ETHIOPIA: Anthrax aggravates looming food crisis in east, 8/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 8 July (IRIN) - An anthrax outbreak has aggravated a looming food crisis in eastern Ethiopia, agriculture officials told IRIN on Monday. Some 11 cases have been... 

ETHIOPIA: Ethnic conflict worsening Afar food crisis, 5/Jul/02
ADDIS ABABA, 5 July (IRIN) - Ethnic conflict has exacerbated the food crisis faced by thousands of people in Ethiopia's Afar Region, according to the United Nations Emergencies... 

ETHIOPIA: Focus on looming drought in East Shewa, 2/Jul/02
EAST SHEWA, 2 July (IRIN) - Vultures circle overhead, waiting for new prey. In the blistering 40-degree heat and bone-dry conditions, it does not take long before another cow... 


Sardo-Afdera Road opens to traffic


Samara, Afar State, October 23, 2001 (ENA) - The 188 mks Sardo-Afdera

 Hayke (salt lake) rural road built at a cost of over 65 million birr earmarked by the Federal Government under the supervision of the Ethiopian Roads Authority was inaugurated and opened to traffic last Saturday. 

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony held at Sardo, Afar State Council Economic Development Sector Head Awwal Arba said that the new road, completed under Phase 1, connects the two zones of the state and is expected to make access to the Port of Djibouti easy besides connecting eastern neighbouring parts of the country. 

When phase 2 goes operational connecting Afdera with Makalle, the export of cement, marble and other commodities from Tigray via Sardo to Djibouti would be easily facilitated, he added. 

According to Awwal, apart from the anticipated opportunities, Lake Afdera is now becoming an attraction to tourists, archeology surveyors and mainly to investors engaged in salt production for local consumption and export as well. Berta Construction P.L.C. Managing Director Berhane Abate on his part said that although the project was launched in 1986 E.C., it took eight years to complete, due to adverse weather conditions and other man-made problems which, he said, incurred BERTA idle manpower and machinery expenses. 

He, however, expressed his pleasure that the company has successfully undertaken the surveying, designing and construction of the road and also dug plastic surfaced artificial ponds at six locations along the road to retain water, temporarily, for its workers and sustainably for people in the surrounding area. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Hassan Abdallah on the occasion stressed the government's concern to road construction nationwide, and underscored the major economic importance of the new road. 

He further indicated that with the opening of the new road and improvement in the production methods, the exploitation of approximately 290 million tons of sodium chloride and gypsum for export and local consumption would be possible and expected, too, to produce up to 50,000 tons of salt annually in the foreseeable future. 

Later, the Minister handed out prizes and awards to workers for their outstanding performance during the construction period.


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Roving Health Workers, Teachers Serving People in Afar


Ayssaita, October 16, 2001 (WIC) - 

The Afar Pastoral Development Association said that some 361 health workers and 127 teachers were serving more than 285,000 people in the Afar State. 

Association Manager Ismael Ali Gardo told WIC today that the roving health workers and teachers, who received training in different programmes over the past two years, were serving the community after being deployment to various Woredas of the State. 

The health workers were engaged in raising awareness about personal and environmental hygiene and were providing delivery and mother and child care services while the teachers were giving basic education to the pastoralist society, he said. 

He also said that the Association has built water reservoirs in Elidar, Afdera and Dubti Woredas at a cost of 360,000 birr to serve over 100,000 people in addition to offering training to the health workers and teachers. 

According to Ismael, the Association has recently built four dams in Elidar woreda capable of containing 10 million cubic meters of water each.


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ESRDF Opens Office to Coordinate Effort for Rehabilitation of the Displaced


Aysaïta, October 07, 2001 (WIC)

The Afar Branch of the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation an Development Fund (ESRDF), has opened an emergency and rehabilitation coordination office which will over see activities for the rehabilitation of people displaced in Afar by Eritrea's war of aggression. 

Ato Here Hamadu, Manager of ESRDF's branch office, said the newly established coordination office has started implementing emergency pilot projects, with the support of the World Food Program. 

The Coordination Office has distributed close to 3,000 breeding goats to 596 displaced persons in Elidar and Afdera woredas in an effort to help them generate their own income, and embark on a normal life. Similar self-support schemes will also be extended to the displaced in four districts of zone two, Here said adding that other types of assistance, including shelter and house hold material, were also in the pipeline. 

According to records of the Afar State Disaster Prevention and preparedness, Labour and Social Affairs Bureau, there are about 34,000 displaced persons in the State.

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Expedition Team Lauds Afar State Potential for Tourism


Addis Ababa, June 7, 2001 (WIC)- Members of the river expedition team who crossed successfully a 750 km journey along awash river via lake Abe across Djibouti to finish on the red sea coast said Afar state had a vast tourism potential.

In a press conference held at Sheraton Addis here Today, they said tourism would play a major role in the development of the state’s economy .

They said tourism companies should engage in the provision of accommodations in the state.

They said they would produce a documentary film about their adventure thereby promoting the country’s tourist potential.

The journey which took two month to complete was said to be amongst one of the great desert crossings of recent times.

The expedition successfully followed the original route pioneered by the famous British explorer, Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

The expedition members said in keeping with the original adventure the expedition completed the epic journey on foot with pack camels, using traditional equipment and supplies. As well as the routine privations experienced on any desert journey-limited supplies, heat, and uncertainty the expedition overcame many other dramas and challenges en route, they pointed out.

According to the group early on, the expedition cameraman, Christopher Goodwin, was evacuated due to severe heat stroke. Other medical problems were experienced by the remaining team members including Amoebic dysentery, Diahorrea & Vomiting and severe foot problems, they said.

On this the final leg of the expedition a local guide disappeared whilst trying to take a shortcut from the main group. Despite efforts to locate him, his whereabouts still remain unknown and it is feared he may have perished, the group revealed.

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Eight Projects Commissioned in Afar


Ayssaita , June 6,2001 (WIC)- Education and Health Service projects launched by the Afar Branch of the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF), at a cost of eight million birr have reportedly been commissioned this week. According to Ato Herre Hamadu, Head of the Afar Branch of ESRDF, the projects launched some ten months ago, were five elementary and intermediate high schools, two health posts and a veterinary station. He said, the schools, built in Dulecha, Buri-mudayto, Afdera and Argoba woredas will particularly help to raise student enrolment, and education coverage in these four woredas, where they are said to have hitherto been very low. According to Ato Herre, 15 other projects currently under execution in the Regional State are envisaged for completion by mid-next year.

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Project Recommenced After Fourteen Years Interruption


Ayssaita, June 05, 2001 (WIC)- The Afar State Agriculture Bureau disclosed that work on the 21 million-birr Angelele Irrigation Project has resumed after having been interrupted for about fourteen years. Kibebew Negash, Irrigation Expert with the Bureau, said recently that a committee, comprised of people drawn from the Bureau, the State council, the Ministry of Water Resources Development and Water Works Construction Enterprise, had recommended the resumption of work on the project after undertaking the necessary survey. Kibebew said the work on the project, recommenced three months ago with an allotment of over 2.4 million birr, would be finalized within a month. Although the project was initially launched with the aim to develop grazing land in Ammibara woreda, it would now be used to irrigate agricultural land as surveys undertaken by the Bureau had proved that the land was suitable for crop cultivation, he said, adding that the survey was carried out following requests by residents of the woreda to utilize the Angelele Irrigation Project for the purpose of irrigating agricultural land. Upon completion, the project is envisaged to irrigate 3,000 hectares of land thereby serving over 10,000 farmers in the area. At the time of launching in 1979 E.C, the project, estimated to cost only eight million birr was envisaged to be completed within a year.


Seven AIDS Control Offices Open in Afar


Addis Ababa, May 28(WIC) -Seven HIV/AIDS prevention and control offices established in seven woredas of Afar State have gone operational. Speaking at a workshop organized to popularize the state’s HIV/AIDS project program and its implementation directives yesterday ,Office Head, Mohammed Yayyo said that the offices were established along the cross-sections of the Addis-Djibouti road which densely populated He said the setting up of the offices would enable to know the degree of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the state which he said nothing was known up until recently. In a sample survey conducted on 355 hookers in selected towns of Gewane, Awash, Sebatkilo and Adaïtu ,90 of them were HIV-positive he said, adding that all of the 28 people who had undergone HIV test in Dubti hospital recently were also HIV-positive. He said these results reveal the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the State. He said the State Council and the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat Office have pledged to donate over 750,000 birr to strengthen the offices with man power and necessary equipment. Over 100 people drawn from a cross section of the society as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the two day long workshop held in Awash sebat kilo town.

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Over 261,000 People in Afar Suffer of Delay in Relief Supply


Aysaïta, May 24 (WIC) - Representatives of displaced and needy people in Afar State said they were in a serious problem as they did not receive relief food for the month of April. The Representatives of the over 261,000 people told WIC that the compatriots in 10 woredas and six refugee camps were starving following failure by the State’s Disaster Prevention and Preparedness and Labour and Social Affairs Bureau to ferry the relief supply. They said their problems were worsening as the bureau had failed to live up to its promises to deliver the relief assistance in time. Bureau representatives Mohammed Ambessa said on his part that the Bureau failed to supply the assistance to the needy because the Federal Disaster Prevention and Preparedness commission has not dispatched the over 21,000 quintals of relief food for April.


Afars Visit Regional States to Share Experiences on Fodder Development


Ayssaïta, May 21 (WIC) - Cattle breeders, development workers and state and zonal office heads drawn from thirteen woredas of Afar State visited some parts of Oromia and Southern Peoples States for the purpose of sharing experiences regarding the development of animal feed, according to the Agriculture Bureau of Afar State. Haku Jemal, expert in fodder development with the Bureau, said the visit was prompted by the limited result recorded by State’s cattle breeders development workers and administrative bodies due to lack of the awareness on the successful implementation of the National Animal Resources Development Project launched in the State during the last production year. The group has, during visits to Arsi and East Shewa Zones of Oromia State and Sidama zone of Southern Peoples State, taken a closer look at Dairy Production Centres and Fodder Seed Multiplication Posts and observed the tangible results achieved by peasants of the stated zones in improving animal productivity. The National Animal Resources Development Project, launched in Afar in 1991 E.C with the view to improve the lives of cattle breeders in the State, operates in the areas of fodder development, animal husbandry and animal health

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Three English Adventurers To Retrace Thesiger's Journey Through Danakil



Addis Ababa, April 07 (WIC)- Three English adventurers are departing this weekend to retrace the footsteps of the famous explorer, sir Wilfred Thesiger's most dangerous journey through the Afar Region of Eastern Ethiopia's Danakil Desert. 

The 750 km unsupported journey will be carried out in the same manner as Sir Wilferd's own trip, using local guides, pack camels and camel hands to assist them, travelling through the hottest, most arid area of the planet on foot. 

According to the tour operator organizing the journey, their expedition will be recorded by a cameraman, producing a documentary which will highlight the plight of the journey, their personal dilemmas and the social and historic references to that of Sir Wilfred's trip over seventy years ago through this area which has remained almost completely unchanged. 

The expedition has the full support of the Ethiopian Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Information, the Afar Regional Authorities and Sultan Ali Mirah. Logistics and planning have been carried out with the assistance of Village Ethiopia, a tour operators.

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Committees set-up in Afar to help further investment activities

Ayssaita, March 6 (WIC)- The Investment Office of the Afar Regional State disclosed that executive committees which would help expedite investment activities in all the five zones of the State were formed recently.

The office said that the committees include members drawn from the agriculture, planning and economic development, finance, and trade and transport departments of the respective zones.

Ato Jemal kebede, Head of Information and Public Relations Services with the Office, said the newly established committees would monitor investment endeavours in their respective zones as well as implement policies and regulations issued by the Regional State Investment Office.

According to Jemal, similar committees would also be set-up at woreda level next year.

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Women in Afar Create Income Generating Schemes

Aysaita, November 29 (WIC)--- Some 46 women organized into a cooperative in Gawane woreda, zone three of Afar State, are reportedly benefiting from various income generating development schemes.

Association co-ordinator, w/ro Asiya Mohammed said yesterday that members of the association are now making about 400 birr by producing and supplying the market daily with over 40 litres of milk as well as dairy products.

They started their business by raising their own fund of 1,000 birr in addition to the dairy cows they secured in donations from Farm-Africa, she said.

The women were extricating themselves from economic dependency and creating jobs for non-member women by involving themselves in carpet making and petty trading , she added.

She further noted that the association's capital has grown to 6000 birr following its launching of the supply of its carpet products to the market, which was made from the local palm leaves.

Head of the woreda economic development office, Hussien Ibrahim said his office was looking for local and foreign donor agencies that could financially support the activities of the women.

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ESRDF Undertaking 56 Projects in Afar State

Note Arhotabba: Ce programme est dirigé par un enfant  de la région, comme on est jamais mieux servi que par soit même, nous lui souhaitons un franc succès et nous espérons que ces projets vont enfin permettre le développement des infrastructures qui faisait cruellement défaut dans ce coin du pays.

Aysaita, November 9 (WIC) - The Afar Branch Office of the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund (ESRDF) announced that it is executing fifty-six projects in Afar State this year at a cost of 21.6 million birr.

Head of the Afar State Branch Office, Ato Herre Hamedu, said yesterday that some materials were being purchased for thirteen on-going projects while eighteen new projects were being launched in five zones and one special district in the state.

According to the office head, the Gewanie Agricultural Training Center, Semera Crop Protection Laboratory and Aysaita Rural Technology Center are among the on-going projects being equipped at the moment while seven elementary schools, seven health institutes and four water projects were the new projects being executed.

Upon commissioning, the on-going and new projects being undertaken with an outlay of 20.2 million birr will benefit more than 150,000 people, he said.

Ato Herre further said that a total of 1.4 million birr was earmarked for twenty-five capacity building projects including other on-going projects.

ESRDF has made more than 220,000 people beneficiaries of projects carried out over the last four years at a cost of 32.3 million birr in the areas of education, health and water, it was learnt.

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UNICEF Supports Basic Education in Afar State

Assayita, October 1 (ENA) - The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has allocated over 1.7 million birr in support of the basic education programme in the Afar State, the State's Education Bureau said.

Public relations and advertisement services head with the bureau, Mathios Temesgen, said the fund would be used to finance teachers' training programmes and enhance females' participation in basic education.

He said UNICEF had also donated three mobile tents, computer sets and various educational teaching aids to the bureau.

The fund has also finalized preparations to open a boarding school that could accommodate over 570 students, he said.